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Our approach to business

Since our founding in 1981, our daily mission at Robert W. Morris & Company is to serve our clients with the right tools and knowledge to help them succeed. We are determined to extend the boundaries of our abilities, as we provide client support that is unequaled. We do this by abiding in a philosophy that has served us for over 34 years. Very simply, we treat our clients and associates like family.

We care about our clients and our work just as we care for our families, our communities and each other. The resulting environment has helped to create a core team with extensive experience in tax, accounting, technology, and customer service that is focused on our clients' needs and finding the best solutions that work best for them.

Our commitment to professionalism, courtesy and excellence extends from the clients we see every day to the clients we see once a year. We believe it is this commitment that has made us a successful company, with clients who value us as much as we value them.